Cardinal Stepinac Village History

Cardinal Stepinac Village (CSV) was founded on the 26th of January 1986 by the Australian Croatian community of Sydney. The task, which the founding members undertook, was to plan for and to build a place where we could provide quality housing and care to the growing number of aged in our community.

The organisation began without any financial means. With the support of the Croatian Community of Sydney they purchased seven acres of land adjoining the Croatian Catholic Church and with the support of the community the land was paid for and a 40-place hostel was built.

This complex was opened on 4 October 1992 by the Federal Minister for Aged Care, the Hon. Peter Staples and blessed by Bishop David Cremin.

The Hon Mr. John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, officially opened the new nursing home project on the 6th of June 1999 in the presence of more than 6000 members of the Australian-Croatian community, acknowledging the hard work, dedication and generosity of our community and our commitment and care for the aged.

Cardinal Stepinac Village has continued with the planned building expansion. Care services areas were expanded,. Staff Education and training centre was built.  Village Community Hall was constructed for the provision of care and services for the aged in the community.

Cardinal Stepinac Village currently consists of 72 high care/Nursing home places, 72 low care/hostel places and self care units.

As a charitable entity, we also provide emergency accommodation and community support services to disadvantaged elderly persons in our community.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of care of Cardinal Stepinac Village is based on the teachings of the Blessed Cardinal Stepinac and on the belief that all people have intrinsic worth and should therefore be treated with dignity and respect.

Cardinal Stepinac Village typifies a home like environment. We are dedicated to treating those living here like residents in their own homes.

We believe that growing old is a further stage of development which should be approached with dignity and confidence in one’s ability to achieve the full potential that is possible for this time of life.

We believe that those elderly people who cannot maintain a satisfactory way of life in their own homes and who need some extra care should be looked after by people who enjoy this type of work, in a place designed for that specific purpose.

We believe that our residents should be involved in the running of the Cardinal Stepinac Village and offered choice about the services they access.

Those residents who become too frail or ill for activities, we believe, should be allowed to end their days with us in comfort.

Village Life

Cardinal Stepinac Village typifies a small town beaming with activities throughout the year. The village promotes and encourages close family links in all aspects of the residents activities and needs.

The Village promotes links with other aged care facilities and seniors groups by holding annual events, arranging visits and participation in residential aged care Arts and Crafts Show. This event is anticipated by residents each year who diligently work and prepare their works of art to display.

Our residents are very much involved in and enjoy culturally specific activities which are the focus of our activities program at Cardinal Stepinac Village. These include annual grape picking from our home grown vines and wine making, Wheat Planting for St Lucija day,  making of ‘cvarci’ pork crackling, pickling of cabbage ‘kiselo zelje’, growing of fruit and vegetables, berries, roasting chestnuts and many more.

Our residents live in a relaxing atmosphere where they enjoy a variety of domestic animals, vegetable and flower gardens and spacious relaxation areas.

The food, daily activities and social and religious life is closely linked to the Croatian catholic life style. By looking after the aged in an environment specifically created with their religious & cultural needs in mind, the residents of the Cardinal Stepinac Village are able to maintain their very close links with their faith and their customs.

Our pastoral care team provides emotional and spiritual support to our residents and their families. Mass is held regularly on Fridays in both the Hostel and Nursing Home. Special events in the religious calendar such as Ash Wednesday, Easter, All Souls Day, St Nicholas, Christmas and Easter are a central part of the pastoral program.

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