High and Low Respite Care

Many people have a family member or friend who provides care to help them continue to live at home. Carers sometimes need support to keep going. When you are taking care of someone it is important to also consider your own health and wellbeing.

Just as most jobs provide holidays, carers should try to take some time off from caring. Respite care offers the opportunity for both the carer, and the person being cared for to take a break. This may be for a few hours, a day, a night or a few weeks. The most commonly known form of respite is when an older person enters our village for a few days or weeks. It is possible for one person to use up to nine weeks of respite during a financial year.

Respite is also important – as it can give our new potential residents – a slower introduction to our facility – rather than instilling a sudden change. Although residential aged care homes are allocated respite places, we don’t always have these available – so will need to book this respite in advance. In the case of emergencies, we will try to organise it as quickly as possible.

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