Residential Accommodation

Residential Accommodation

Residential Care

Cardinal Stepinac Village provides residential care and services to the aged in the high care and low care areas of facility.

High Care Accommodation


High Care Accommodation

High Care accommodation provides more intensive care and supervision for residents assessed as being in need of high level care.

Low Care Accommodation


Low Care Accommodation

Low care accommodation provides a home like environment with personal care and daily living activities for residents assessed as being in need of low level care.

Respite Care


Respite Care

We also offer short-term low and high respite care. This is perfect for residents who want to be introduced to village life slowly or for family carers that need a short break.

Cardinal Stepinac Village mission is to provide a quality, caring, ministry for the ageing with dignity and respect, care and support for each resident as an individual, in the Catholic tradition of the Croatian Australian community.

Australian Croatian Cardinal Stepinac Association Limited, (trading as Cardinal Stepinac Village), is the approved and accredited residential aged care provider, ( ABN 58 136 596 444) to the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Australian Croatian Community and similar CALD communities.

Cardinal Stepinac Village provides high and low residential aged care to 144 residents in purpose built and developed facility in two areas. Area 1 Low Care and Area 2 High Care – as well as respite care.

Area 1:

Low Care – 72 bed group housing hostel

•   Built of 2.5 acres in a group housing concept

•   Consisting of 8 accommodation buildings  and Communal building

•    Providing accommodation in 50 single purpose built rooms and 11 two person share rooms.

Area 2:

High Care – 72 bed nursing home

•   Built on 5 acre site

•   Consisting of a single purpose built high care facility

•   Providing 24 single purpose built rooms and 24 two person share rooms.

Cardinal Stepinac Village resembles a small country town located on 7.5 acres of land. Adjoining  the village is the St Nikola Tavelic Catholic church built on 3 acres of gardens. Adjacent to the church is a European CALD background club, located on its 2 acres and providing CALD European type activities.

Cardinal Stepinac Village design and ambiance is very much appreciated by the residents and visitors as it provides ideal country town/village atmosphere. Residents rooms and the village common areas feature the cultural diversity of our residents and offers them the continuance of home like atmosphere in spacious and well maintained accommodation on a 7.5 acres of village gardens.

Additional special features of CSV are the extensive activity areas, outdoor areas and garden nooks, spread throughout the village, portraying the sights, sounds and smells of a CALD specific country town.

As a Christian Catholic entity, we dedicate ourselves to the needs of our residents, by providing a home like atmosphere based on our Christian beliefs. We provide quality care to all our residents irrespective of their financial standing.

The community involvement in the planning, financing, building and administering Cardinal Stepinac Village recognizes the fact that ageing is a normal process and that our residents should be given an opportunity to spend their remaining years in a village atmosphere specifically designed for the CALD aged.

Cardinal Stepinac Village does not charge extra service fees. Our priority is to provide quality care to the residents based on their progressive abilities and changing needs.


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Self Care Accommodation

Self Care Accommodation

Cardinal Stepinac Village provides Self Care accommodation in purpose built self care units.
For additional information on self care units please contact the village.


Community Care

Community Care – Care and services offered in the community.
Day Care Activities – Organized in the village.
Home Support – Provided on a ‘special need basis’.
Community Links – formed with wider community organisations and groups.

Cardinal Stepinac Village (CSV Care) has well established and growing relationships with the community. We recognize the fact that many aged persons are not well informed about the everyday life and activities provided in an aged care facility.

Many aged persons have a fear of the Nursing Home environment. We invite the community and individuals to drop in and share some time with our residents. Our village motto is ‘enjoying aged care’ and we endeavour to do this daily.

We encourage groups, families and individuals to visit the village, join in with the residents in a number of social activities.

CSV has been serving the community for more than 20 years.

In living out the teachings of the blessed Cardinal Stepinac, we provide emergency accommodation, pastoral and community support to financially disadvantaged persons in our community.

We hold a weekly coffee shop and musical program where the aged in our community can socialise and feel a sense of community.

These events are held on Tuesday and Wednesday morning and are free of charge.

Don’t feel alone, join us!
Call us on 9823 3855 and make arrangements to visit!